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Privacy Policy

At The Board Service Ltd. we value and are committed to protecting your privacy. This policy describes the type of data we collect and how we process and store your data. Your use of the website indicates your acceptance of this policy. The collection and processing of personal data through this website is done in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.


If you have any queries relating to this policy please email


Website forms

When you complete a form on our website we will collect the data that is submitted. Your data will be securely stored and may be used to:

  • Pre-populate subsequent website forms

  • Customise your website experience

  • Profile you based upon your usage of the website

Website analytics

Our website analytics are provided by Google

  • Google Analytics provides cookie and IP based tracking but does not personally identify individuals. The data gathered through the use of our website will be governed by Google’s Analytics Privacy Policy


Security and sharing

We value your privacy and any data provided through our website is transmitted and stored in an encrypted state. Data will be held by us and Google and thus may be stored outside of the European Economic Area. We will not pass your data to other third parties, unless required to do so by law.

Requesting a copy of your data or deletion of your data

You may request a copy of, or that we delete the data we hold for you personally, by Where a deletion has been requested, we will provide confirmation that your data has been removed from our internal systems. Please note we may not be able to delete anonymous data.


GDPR Compliance Statement


We have an appointed Data Protection Officer at The Board Service Ltd. and all queries should be directed to


All of our staff and contractors are familiar with GDPR and their personal responsibilities. You are welcome to see our Data Protection Policy and this can be requested via email.

We have the right to erase process. If you wish to be erased, please contact us via email.

We have a privacy policy which informs people what we do with their personal data, this is saved to the website.

No personal data is transferred outside of the EU.

When processing the data we undertake the following:

  • The processing is lawful, fair and transparent

  • Transparent about what the data is being used for

  • Data is collected for a specific purpose

  • The data is necessary for the purpose

  • The data must be accurate and kept up to date

  • Data is not kept for longer than necessary

  • The data is kept safe and secure


All storage is secure and our suppliers have GDPR procedures in place.

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